I never dream of having a horse, but an alpaca? Now that's another story.

I taught myself to crochet at 14 years old inspired by the blankets my grandmother gifted to my 5 siblings and I as children. With the help of how-to books from the Brooklyn Public Library and YouTube videos, learning how to knit quickly followed a year later. I was completely driven by my love of natural fiber and started working in a local yarn shop, becoming a knitting instructor during my senior year of high school.

Developing original knitwear designs from my own ideas and using long lasting materials I know and believe in has to be the best part about running a handmade business. Each item incorporates what I cherish most about this craft, some even include both knitting and crochet.

At purlBknit you get knitwear that will last through the generations made of the earth, natural, handmade, with subtle attention to details. Most items are 100% natural. You can read more about my story and process in an article I did for Etsy at the very beginning https://blog.etsy.com/en/fresh-shop-purlbknit/
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